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   PTM S.r.l. was established in 1999 and started by the current Management Team, who has many years of experience in the metallurgic field.
PTM S.r.l. is an international operator that trades alloys, Nickel alloys and other materials and components for high technology industries, combining the knowledge of markets, final applications, and metallurgic solutions.
    Our goal is to provide assistance to our customers in the supply of special materials and even non-metallic materials, while also providing engineering for the production of components.
Quality has always and keeps on being our strong and constant mission. It is our commitment to provide a better business performance and services we offer in order to meet the complete customer’s satisfaction.

    We represent different leading companies in Europe, and among our usual suppliers we have important world-wide producers, who are all ISO certified.
PTM S.r.l.  Corso Lione, 85/13 - 10141 Torino |  +39.(011)50.11.14 r.a. |  +39.(011)58.19.375 |   info@ptm-srl.com
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